Loft conversions London

If you are looking for Loft Conversions London, this has the information you need! Davey Builders can give you additional space and add value to your home in a simple and cost effective way.

Life in London is fun. Our vibrant capital city has something for everyone’s taste, but what it lacks is space. Property prices are sky high for this reason and you pay a premium to have the London lifestyle. Family life in particular can become difficult when short of space and moving is difficult, expensive and stressful. It can be challenging to make a move to a larger property in London as stamp duty alone is a big financial consideration, let alone estate agents’ fees and legal fees. Moving out of London means leaving behind your friends, schools and entertainment and entails living in a very different with commuting to work from the outlying counties.

Surprisingly there is a relatively easy solution to space problems that save you the nuisance of having to move. Many houses and top floor flats have a loft space above them. These loft spaces generally are just dark, dismal storage spaces which you occasionally peek into from your loft hatch, but they could be so much more.

If you look at the space on one floor of your house or flat and look above your head, you will probably have a loft of equal floor space. By getting Loft Conversions London and Davey Builders to have a look, you will set yourself on the path to possibly doubling your living space.

If children have come along since you bought your home, you will need more bedrooms and what better than using the building you have already in your possession. A loft conversion could give you another double bedroom with and en suite bathroom or wet room. If you are tired of the daily commute on the tube, you could make a comfortable office suite so that you can work from home as much as possible, or it could be that you have a hobby that requires its own space such as artwork or sewing.

Living in London makes it unlikely that an outside extension is possible as gardens are usually small and the loss of precious outside space could devalue your property. Also these extensions require foundations, demolition of walls and often mean moving out whilst the work is carried out. If you can utilise your space above, none of these are a problem as the building work is contained and is less dusty and messy. Your new extension will be a bright, light and contemporary area once complete for you to put your personal stamp upon.

One thing is certain, London property prices are always going to be high and if you can greatly increase the square metres of your home, you will certainly have made a great investment as the value of the property will be greatly enhanced.

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