Loft Conversions Kent

If you are looking for Loft Conversions Kent, this is the right place. Loft Conversions Kent are one of the most popular and easy ways to expand your current living space, adding considerable value to your property. Davey Builders can help you.

Kent is a beautiful county with its hop gardens and orchards, the famous Garden of England. It is well served by railway lines to the capital and therefore is a very popular part of England to live as all the attractions of London are easily accessible and the lovely countryside and beaches are nearby. The Channel Tunnel and Dover give quick access to the continent. Therefore Kent is the first choice area for those who want a great family life.

The problem is, for many homeowners, that once they have bought their dream home in Kent, they find themselves running out of room. Families expand and with that comes the need to move house to find something larger. Unfortunately with moving home comes a lot of stress as it is a long and complicated business to put your house on the market and move. You may well be happy and settled in your home, love your neighbourhood and its facilities, but lack of bedrooms or living space means that you have to uproot yourself and your family, but does it?

The answer could be simple. Look above your head. What is your loft used for? It is most likely a dark area, accessed by a hatch in which you store things you don’t really need. It will be a dusty, forgotten part of the house, but it is still very much part of your house. If you think about the floor space in your home, you may well have a ground floor with living rooms, kitchen and dining area. The space in your roof is almost exactly the same! It is a wasted space that can easily and affordably be brought into use by Loft Conversions Kent and Davey Builders.

Whatever space you feel you are lacking in your present home, a loft conversion could solve this without too much stress. Maybe you need a bedroom with an en suite bathroom or wet room. Going into the loft can give you an elegant and light, contemporary space to make into your calm oasis away from the noise of family life. Maybe you would love to commute to work less and a calming work space would enable you to earn your living from home.

Other types of extension are very disruptive and involve foundations being dug, walls removed which means dust and dirt and loss of part of your garden. Using the space that already exists is much less annoying and you can stay living in your house whilst it is done.

A loft extension which is beautifully designed and crafted to match the current fabric of your home will undoubtedly add considerable value and will be a wonderful enhancement to your family life.

Loft Conversion Kent, Loft Conversions Kent