Loft Conversions Bromley

For all your Loft Conversions Bromley needs, you have definitely found the right place! Davey Builders are committed to giving the best possible loft conversion experience are are experts in the field.

The London Borough of Bromley is quite rightly a popular place to live. It has the best of everything with easy access to all that our vibrant capital city has to offer and yet on the border with Kent, the beautiful Garden of England, with all it has to offer including glorious countryside, safe beaches and easy access to continental Europe. Bromley has some wonderful properties in which to live, but, like all areas close to London, these come at premium prices.

Bromley has always been a popular location for families, but the problem arises when families expand the it appears that the only solution is to move to a larger house. Moving house incurs a lot of expense with estate agents’ fees, legal fees, stamp duty and the stress of having a house on the market and actually packing up and moving. Often it is not possible to afford to stay in Bromley and families have to move further out of London which can mean the loss of friends, schools, clubs and social life.

Most homes have an unused area that nobody thinks about. It is the loft. This is usually a dark and dim area which is only used for storage of things that nobody ever looks at. A dusty place, but one that is very much part of your home and can be transformed into a valuable extra floor.

Perhaps you need an extra bedroom. A loft extension brought to you by Loft Extensions Bromley and Davey Builders could give you a light and airy double bedroom with a wet room or en suite bathroom. If you need more living area, it could become a playroom or even an indoor cinema. Another popular use for these is a home office. How lovely to work from home some days and forget the daily commute in your own personally designed work area.

Extending upwards gives you, usually, a lot of extra floor space. Think about the ground floor of your house and you have the equivalent right above you. This is the easiest way to extend as building outside takes up garden space, requires foundations, demolition and reinforcing beams. It can be messy, muddy and dusty. By keeping the work inside the building these problems are substantially reduced. Davey Builders will ensure that you extension will blend perfectly with your existing roof and will enhance your property and the neighbouring area will not be adversely affected.

Just imagine, by using the property that you already own, you can have the extra room for which ever purpose you need. Once it is finished you can walk up your new staircase, into your bright, light contemporary room and start enjoying your home without feeling cramped ever again.

Loft Conversion Bromley, Loft Conversions Bromley