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Do you look cooking but don’t have the kitchen to match your love of being in one? Or maybe you spend your life cooking for your family but get sick of being stuck in a tiny kitchen on your own. Perhaps your kitchen is dated with old appliances. Whatever the reason, a new kitchen will always be a great addition to your home. Many kitchens Bromley were built in the 1990s or later. These older homes did not feature the sorts of kitchens we aspire to cook in today. More and more people are taking an interest in fresh food and healthy living, and need a decent kitchen with lots of work space to cook healthy and nutritious meals for their loved ones. You don’t need to move out of Bromley to get the kitchen of your dreams. You don’t even need to move to a different house within Bromley to get the kitchen of your dreams; all you need is a reputable builder with years of experience to make your kitchen vision a reality.

A new kitchen does not have to be hugely expensive. However, it is worth remembering that anything that you spend on renovating your kitchen will be recouped in the added equity that your home will gain on completion of your kitchen project. A new kitchen will undoubtedly add value to your property, and will make it more attractive to buyers when it is time to move on. We can source virtually any colour or design of cabinet, and we can even source bespoke cabinets, fixtures and fittings if that is what you have in mind. We can make your kitchen as modern or even as retro as you wish. Whatever your colour scheme or design, we can help. We can make even the most awkward kitchen space feel lighter and more modern. It may also be possible to extend your kitchen beyond the existing footprint of your property, or it may even be possible to knock through into another room to create an open plan kitchen and living area. If you are planning to extend your kitchen beyond the existing footprint of the building, it may even be possible do so without planning permission, depending on the scope of what you have in mind. Of course, you must check whether planning permission is required, because not having the appropriate consent can be costly and will slow the work down. Once proper planning consent is sought and obtained, your new kitchen could be complete and ready to cook your first feast in within weeks. It really is that quick, depending on what you want done!

If you are looking for a new kitchen in Bromley, then Davey Builders can help to make your vision a reality.

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