House extensions Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells is one of the most desirable locations in Kent. With easy and fast transport links to London, it is a great choice for commuters whilst being set in the beautiful garden of England. Tunbridge Wells boasts some of the best state schools in the county and possibly even the country, making it particularly popular town with families. Property prices are well above average in the area, and rapidly climbing. A home in Tunbridge Wells is a great investment, however, it may be difficult to upsize in this area due to the high demand and high property prices. Selling your home and purchasing another is a long and costly process with solicitor fees, stamp duty and even paying a removals firm to move your belongings. Not to mention the cleaning, decorating and general stress of a move. Moving to another area in the town could also affect what catchment area you fall into for schooling, which can be incredibly important for you and your children. One way of accommodating your growing family is to make your existing living space larger through obtaining more living space through a house extension in Tunbridge Wells.

A house extension in Tunbridge Wells is probably more cost effective than you might imagine. You may be surprised how much a house can be extended by under permitted development rights, particularly if you want to expand your living space to the rear of a property. Of course, this largely depends on where in Tonbridge Wells you live, how close to the road the extension will be and how large the extension needs to be. Under certain circumstances, a house extension needs to be agreed by the planning department of the local council. Once planning consent is obtained from the local council, work can begin to expand your existing living area to turn your cramped home into a spacious environment that is perfect for the needs of your growing family. A house extension can come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, existing spaces can be utilised more effectively; for example, a garage can be used to expand or even a loft space. Some house extensions require expanding beyond the existing building and can be more than one storey, meaning that you can extend your kitchen to create an outstanding open plan living area or to create a show piece living room as well as creating extra bedrooms or bathrooms on the first floor.

Davey Builders have years of expertise and experience in creating bespoke house extensions in Tunbridge Wells. We can advise you on what will work best for your budget and work within the planning brief in a timely and cost-effective way. Why stress yourself out with an expensive house move that could take months or even years when you could spend less money and time on getting the living space that you desire without the hassle of having to move away from your friends and your neighbours.

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