House Extensions Bromley

Is your home getting crowded? This is an issue for growing families all across the country, and Bromley is no exception. With property prices at an all-time high, moving to larger home is simply not an option for many families. It could be that you don’t want to have to move to a cheaper area because you don’t want to move your children to different schools, or you need to be near to elderly family. Many people choose to live in Bromley due to its excellent commuter links to the City of London, being only one stop away on the fast train to London Victoria. Of course, this close proximity to the capital comes at a high cost in terms of affordability and availability of properties. This makes it really very difficult for families to move to a bigger home should their existing one become too small. Buying a larger house is not just a huge expenditure mortgage-wise, the costs rack up in terms of legal fees, paying a removals firm and even on stamp duty. For many, moving house is just not a cost-effective way of gaining more living space in their home town of Bromley. Luckily, there is another option; a house extension is a fantastic solution to overcrowding in your home in Bromley and can cost much less than you might imagine!

Davey Builders specialise in house extensions Bromley. Davey Builders can help you to maximise the available space in your home by expanding the footprint of your house to build a single or double storey extension, or we can help you to use existing space more effectively by converting an integrated garage or loft space to give you a further bedroom or two. Not all extensions require planning permission from the local council, depending on what level of construction your house extension Bromley requires. If you are hoping to extend out the back of your property, there are certain conditions that can mean that you can save yourself the hassle of obtaining planning permission to get your house extension project underway. However, it is imperative that you check whether your construction plans need planning permission before starting work on your project! Having an extension on your home in Bromley will add instant value to your property. House extensions Bromley can be financed by re-mortgaging your home, which may sound scary, but when you consider that the extra living space will significantly boost the equity in your home, you may find that the extension actually costs you very little, and costs you far less than moving to a house that has already had an extension done. The other bonus of a house extension Bromley is that your extension will be built to your specification and your taste, with it being a bespoke design that meets the needs of your family, and not the family that previously owned the expensive house that you’ve been looking at online!

For all your house extension needs in Bromely, contact Davey Builders.

House Extension Bromley, House Extensions Bromley