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There is nothing worse than an old, scruffy bathroom. Many of us inherit dated bathrooms when we move home to upsize for our growing families. Avocado bathroom suites should remain firmly in the 1970s, however many still seem to exist today! Replacing an older, coloured bathroom suite with something more modern and easy to clean is a great way to update your home and add value to your property. It also makes your house easier to sell when it’s time to move on. Another reason people are searching for new bathrooms Bromley is with the growing older population, many older people are hoping to maintain their independence by staying in their own homes. One way to help older family members to stay in their own homes is to renovate their existing bathroom to make it more accessible. This could include the fitting of a walk-in bath, or even a wet-room. Some older houses in the Bromley area only have bathrooms on the ground floor, which isn’t ideal with young children who need toilet training. A small reconfiguration of the upstairs can usually fix this issue, providing you with a family bathroom where you need it, saving you and your children from stumbling around in the dark to get downstairs to use the toilet in the night!

If you are looking for a reliable local builder to find a solution to any issues with your bathrooms Bromley, then Davey Builders has years of experience in the field of the professional fitting of new bathrooms. We are fully insured and will use our years of skilled training and experience to get your new bathroom fitted accurately, professionally and beautifully. Do not be tempted to try to save money by doing it yourself – bathroom fitting is a highly skilled job and if it goes wrong, it goes really wrong! This will cost you not only time, but money. It is far more cost-effective to get your new bathroom renovated professionally. Being professional tradesmen, we have access to a huge range of professional fixtures and fittings that can be as low budget or as luxury as you require. We can even fit bespoke bathroom suites if you want your bathroom to stand out from the norm. Whatever your budget, a new bathroom is probably not as expensive as you might think and we will work with you, your budget and your timeframe to ensure that you get your new bathroom done to your specification in a timely and cost-effective manner.

For new bathrooms Bromley, Davey Builders have years of expertise that can bring your bathroom plans to life. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to get your project started with a no obligation quote that will reflect your budget, the space available and the project you have in mind.

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